Manual Water Pump Dispenser For Water Cans
Manual Water Dispenser – 20 Liters
T-Pump is a manual water gadget that can be effectively installed on standard water bottles, jari can or other bottles available in market and transforms them into a manual dispenser. T-Pump offers a cheap and effective solution that facilitates in managing heavy water bottles and it’s a replacement to electric water dispenser, taps or stands and saving a lot in long-term as well. It’s a perfect solution for the individuals who are burnt out on paying improved power bills because of water dispenser. The pump is alright for family use. It is additionally simple to pour water to glass and drink straightforwardly or fill water jugs or compartments. Other than straightforward home utilization, the bottle connection is ideal for outdoor activities, out of town trips, parties and events as well.
Usable on Standard 19 Litre bottles
Easy to pour 240 ml glass
Fill in only 2 presses
Convenient to use
1 x Manual Water Dispenser Pump For Water Cans- 19 Liters – Blue & White

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